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Why choose a Birth Photographer

Not many people think to book a birth photographer with they are pregnant. I know I didn’t for my first child, and I wish I did. See, my husband was deployed to Afghanistan when I delivered my first son. That is not the only reason I say I wished I booked a birth photographer, I would have loved to have that moment captured and kept if for a lifetime.

Birth photographers are not common, not like portrait photographers, but does not mean they are hard to find. The field is growing quickly, and becoming more common to invite birth photographers into the delivery room. A good resource you can find a photographer is on the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, IAPBP, offers a helpful information and a list of birth photographers in you location.

Just like any other photography, each photographer has their own style and technique. When I am in birth session, I become a “fly on the wall” and just capture the beauty that is happening in front of. Birth photography foundation comes from documentary photographer, meaning not posing ever.

As life comes on and happens around us, we forget the details in experiences like birth. Birth photographer allows you document those memories for a lifetime, even if you do not to plan to share them with anyone else.

A tip before hiring a birth photographer, know they are often not inexpensive. Packages or collections can start in the hundreds to go into the thousands, but do not let that discouraged you from booking a birth photographer. A great majority of clients do not regret it.

At the end, booking a birth photographer should be exciting and not one of the things you stress over. Being pregnant can be stressful on it’s own.

If you want to read more information, feel free to visit this article.

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